Storytellers Summit brings together writing professionals from all sectors — fiction, entertainment, digital, graphics, advertising and more — to consider the writer from a holistic sense: craft, career, creative process and person. We call this the “whole” writer.

The summit follows 5 learning tracks: Tell a Story, Sell a Story, Funny Story, The Story in Your Head, and Picture Story. The summit explores topical issues in conversations with Julia Roberts and her special guests.

Storytellers Summit was started in 2015 and launched by Decoding

2nd Annual
Storytellers Summit

Learning from peers so you can get what you need now, right now.

Decoding Creativity

Where writers go to get unstuck.

If you ever wondered why you create the way you do – and not like someone else – then Decoding Creativity is for you. We help writers see their own brand of creativity in all its glory and all its faults – “warts and all.” We combine the scientific research about creativity, along with a coaching approach to peel away the layers of the onion and see why you put up resistance to writing, why you’re stuck. The factfinder in you will like the assessment and objective analysis of your creative thinking style, and the artist in you will enjoy the more magical ways of coaching that will help you access the beautiful, elusive power that it is your creativity. Decoding Creativity was founded by Creative Process Coach, Julia Roberts in 2010.

360 Creative Selfie

A good first step to unsticking.

The Creative Selfie 360 is at once validating of things you know about yourself, and enlightening about why certain things happen again and again in your creative life.


About Julia Roberts, MSc

Creative Process Coach for Writers

Julia helps writers achieve clarity about their creative style and process, and where their genius will find its most receptive audiences. Julia is a corporate drop-out, having worked 20+ years as a brainstormer and strategist for brands like HBO, DirecTV, Warner Bros, American Express and others. Julia is a certified creativity coach with a Masters in Creativity from International Center for Studies in Creativity, SUNY/Buffalo State College. She is also author of three books, Sex, Lies & Creativity, (Difference Press, 2014), Motherhood to Otherhood (Running Press, 2008) RV There Yet? A Cross-Country Cautionary Tale (BookSurge, 2005)