Expert advice on how to tell a story, sell a story, and resist the story in your head.

You’re not the only one who has a problem writing.


We live to write and write to live.
No wonder we’re all so neurotic.

Sometimes the juices just ain’t flowing. Other times
you’re overflowing with excellent ideas, but can’t focus.

How to smooth the process?
Learn from Summit experts who are already using techniques that work.


Organized in Five Tracks So
You Can Learn What You Need to Know Now

Tell a Story
Polish your craft, write out loud, tell your story, and live the writing life. We hear from writing teachers and coaches on how to find your voice, write a script or book and the benefits of writing in a community.

Sell a Story
Don’t cringe when it’s time to sell your story. There are authentic ways to market your works. Find out how creative people develop their winning sales strategies. 

The Story in Your Head

Why don’t you write? Procrastination and lack of time are the most oft-cited excuses. But really? It’s resistance…. self-doubt… perfectionism. How can you retell the story in your head so you can have the happy ending? Lots of happy endings. 

Picture Story
From movies to digital content, from graphic novels to doodles – pictures and graphics play an increasingly large role in how we tell stories. Whether you’re writing a screenplay or looking to write for a great American comic book, like Batman, come hear how it’s done.

Funny Story
Come for a laugh, and stay because you want to write funny. Humor writing tips and experiences abound.

Bedtime Story
Bedtime stories are always the best, a treat and a time to lay back and listen to a tale being spun. Tune in for fun Thursday and Friday evenings.

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